About Us

Alliance for Neighborhood Restoration
“A Weed and Seed Initiative”

Members of the Project Safe Neighborhoods Community Solution Task Force
Officer Doug Monda, Delores McLaughlin, Cheryl Lawson Young, Elaine Johnson, Sonja Mitchell, Chyrell Gibbs, and Mayor Mike Blake

Established in 2001 to sustain the Brevard County Weed and Seed Initiative, Alliance for Neighborhood Restoration is a Florida not-for-profit corporation that is an integral part of an inclusive, collaborative partnership based upon resident-identified needs. This partnership provides leadership, resources, training and opportunities empowering all partners to contribute to the restoration of healthy, safe neighborhoods throughout Brevard County.

ANR identifies and coordinates programs to fill gaps in services to designated Weed and Seed neighborhoods. Some of these services include computer labs, after-school tutorial programs, visual and performing arts programs, family literacy, employability skills training, and crime and drug prevention classes.

The Weed and Seed Strategy
--- Under the leadership of the United States Attorney’s Office, four elements make up the Weed and Seed Strategy: law enforcement; community policing; prevention, intervention and treatment, and neighborhood restoration. Law enforcement activities constitute the “Weed” portion of the program. Revitalization, which includes prevention, intervention, and treatment services, and then neighborhood restoration, constitutes the “Seed” element. Community policing is the “bridge” that links the Weed and Seed elements.

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