Law Enforcement:

The Brevard County Weed Task Force is comprised of  5 local police departments; Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Titusville, Cocoa, Melbourne, and Palm Bay Police Departments,  the ATF and DEA.  This joint law enforcement task force conducts operations to disrupt the illicit drug trafficking, which is the predominate crime affecting the Weed and Seed target sites.

Community Policing Strategy: 
The   Sheriff’s Office and local police departments participate in training workshops for officers and deputies assigned to Community Policing. They attend association meetings and community meetings to establish open dialogue, address problems and offer solutions. Community policing officers also participate in community-based crime prevention programs designed to establish a pro-active relationship between the police and the community.

Prevention /Intervention/ Treatment: 
Develop partnerships with service providers to help assess programs and services, and where there is a need, fill the gaps by coordinating and mobilizing appropriate resources to the area.  Programs should include numerous social and sports activities, that provides residents with the skills to deter gang participation, substance abuse and criminal activities.

Neighborhood Restoration:
Eliminate and reduce negative factors that adversely affect the quality of life, including crime and drug trafficking, slum and blight.  Improve physical conditions, rehabilitate housing, provide job training for both youth and adults, and restore amenities. Collaborate with municipalities to develop first time homebuyer programs, career opportunities, and resident owned businesses.

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